Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete Dynamics NAV solution hosted in the cloud offering finance, operations, sales and customer service capabilities. It will focus on new modern, modular applications, expanded analytics and AI software. Users will be able to automate processes, secure supply chain and take advantage of advanced project management functionality. Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife and developed from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it has all Microsoft Dynamics NAV capabilities and is a complete business solution for Small and Medium Businesses


Millions of users

Popularity, flexibility, industry-specific adaptability.

Thousands of companies

Chosen by companies from various industries in more than 165 countries.


An internationally acknowledged solution that excels in cross-border implementations.

Why should you choose Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Formerly named Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you should choose Dynamics 365 Business Central when you need a reliable, quickly developing and stable solution. You can assure the success of the project by choosing XAPT and its experience as an implementation partner.


Dedicated team

With more than 20 years of project experience, the team can help to meet your business requirements.


XAPT Solutions worked in a wide range of industries, gaining expertize in manufacturing, distribution, retail and services.

Meeting and exceeding expectations

Dynamics 365 Business Central is powered by Cloud to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and enable growth by:

  • Unifying businesses and boosting efficiency with automated tasks and workflows—all from within familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Achieving greater outcomes and gaining a complete view of business with connected data, business analytics and guidance delivered by Microsoft’s leading intelligent technologies (Power BI).
  • Evolving with vertical or functional extension. A flexible platform that makes it easy to extend the solution based on changed business needs.

How can I implement it?

On-premise implementation

Dynamics 365 Business Central is available on-premise. This means that the business solution is installed locally, on your company’s computers and servers. 

  • The initial upfront investment cost is large and you must pay for ongoing maintenance, hardware and IT personnel costs.
  • You are responsible for the security.  
  • Customizations are available.
  • More control over the implementation; it can take significantly longer to get up and running.

Cloud-based ERP implementation

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud first solution, designed for the age of digital transformation powered by the cloud. A cloud-based software is hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a Web browser. 

  • Cost effective, usually charged per user. It is easy to predict costs over time and you don’t have to worry about additional hardware investments. The downside is that organization may end up spending more money over the course of the system lifecycle.
  • When it comes to security, the responsibility is ours (the vendor) rather than in yours. 
  • Stability and constant upgrades. 
  • Rapid implementation.


The Essential license let users access the majority of Business Central’s features, including extended human resource and project management features. 

Premium licenses include everything available to Essential license, plus access to Service Order Management and Manufacturing features.

  • Efficiently manage general ledger, workflows and audit trails, bank management, budgets, deferrals, bank reconciliation, dimensions, fixed assets and currencies.
  • Users can record and manage contact information for all their business relationships. These contacts can be segmented and used to target marketing campaigns. Integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales in just a few steps, it enable users to sync information such as inventory levels and sales orders with their customer-facing operations.
  • The solution helps organizations keep track of their supply chain cycle, from managing orders and overseeing inventory, to getting products where they need to go. Companies are able to process sales orders and post and manage transactions and receivables.
  • Users can keep detailed employee records such as contacts, qualifications and contract information. Codes can be assigned to employee records to enable managers to group and track employee information according to factors such as experience, skill sets or training. Also, it helps manage expenses.
  • The solution enables project managers to register, group and sell resources, as well as monitor and analyze usage to help inform estimates, manage costs and plan projects based on resource availability.
  • Service Order Management module allows companies to provide excellent service to their customers, helping to boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the process. It enables businesses to oversee their service management operations, from processing orders, to issuing contracts and managing technicians.
  • The module helps businesses plan for and manage demand, with master production scheduling and materials requirements planning tools, and create production and purchase orders based on demand forecasts and inventory levels. Users in the manufacturing industry can create production orders, produce and manage alternative versions of production bill of materials, and outsource particular operations within a production order to subcontractors.

Our customers


  • We think that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the best solution for us, leading to better and more efficient processes within the company. Furthermore, the cooperation with XAPT Solutions team was excellent, both during the deployment period and after, for the support services.
    Marius Mărginean
    Phoenix Mecano - IT Manager
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV improved our business processes; the new system has made a significant difference to our company overall business efficiency. Also, Microsoft Dynamics NAV brought important benefits regarding centralized information and the real time decision support system.
    Liviu Stan
    MOL Retail - IT Manager

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