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Our approach is based on long term business partnerships. We help businesses drive efficiency and sustainable success. To find out more about some of our interesting delivered projects, please see the highlights below.

  • Quipu GmbH
    Quipu is an IT consultancy and software development company which provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for banks and financial institutions, from electronic payments to software systems. Quipu is a subsidiary of ProCredit Holding, the parent company of a group of banks specialised in providing financial services for SMEs. Due to extensive and complex requirements for the reporting process, the functionality of the system was gradually exceeded, concluding that Microsoft Dynamics AX will be able to meet the business requirements of the company. The benefits of the solution started showing quite early. The main advantages of implementing Financial Management are related to the transparency of regional office reports and the ability to generate customized financial statements according to the company's needs. The Budgeting process improved by allowing quick consultation of the original budget, facilitating the introduction of initial budget reviews, and control over budget approval.
  • Preturi Pentru Tine
    Preturi Pentru Tine is a chain of retail stores selling clothes and shoes. In 2013, PPT extended its activities to the Republic of Moldova, opening to this day a total of 161 retail stores, in which are working 1100 employees. Starting 2015, PPT pursued its growth in Bulgaria. In order to fulfill its objectives, PPT needed a solution which would provide the foundations of its growth, both at a national and international scale. Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ LS Retail is a Business Management solution available in several languages and offering support for many currencies. The solution helps the company to manage financial resources, supply chain and human resources. XAPT Solutions’ international presence helped PPT to cover the implementation project across Eastern Europe, from Romania to Moldova and Bulgaria.
  • Electromagnetica
    With 80 years of tradition, Electromagnetica has become an important competitor on the energy market. The company’s activity is completed by real estate and production, a branch in which the lightning sources have an important share, more precisely the lightning spots based on a LED technology manufacturing. The development of this activity has required the necessity to find a solution to increase its efficiency. Thereby Microsoft Dynamics AX implemented by XAPT Solutions has an important contribution towards the improvement of business processes inside the company.Electromagnetica was one of the most complex project undertaken by us in Romania, given the specific of the company - having different and complex production types. Implementation required the modules construction "a la carte", as ante and post production calculation, rents and utilities, energy management.

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