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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (former Microsoft Dynamics AX or Axapta) can take your manufacturing operations to a whole new level


The challenge for Packaging Manufacturers is to balance operational efficiencies and customer service goals while continuing to create sustainable and stronger products that use less material.

The solution

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (former Microsoft Dynamics AX or Axapta) provides the tools you need to manage these issues, as well as help shorten development cycles and respond quicker to your customers’ demands.

An ideal tool for manufacturing companies

Do you want to have an easier way to provide your customers with product availability, delivery, pricing and other critical information? 
Do you have the ability to track and manage inventory simultaneously using two non-converted UOM’s, such as weight and area?
Manage production in a demand-driven environment.

View real-time, integrated work in progress with actual costs; make adjustments to avoid potential delays or cost overruns; and streamline inventory management based on demand and forecasting.

Gain deep insight across the supply chain.

With visibility throughout the entire supply chain, you can streamline business processes, optimize resources, minimize lead times, and identify accurate delivery dates.

Improve control of production processes.

Define manufacturing resources, including machines, people, tools, and subcontractors, and allocate them to work center groups. Tightly control schedules by using finite or infinite capacity scheduling for maximum flexibility.

With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations you gain functionality that supports the unique requirements of packaging manufacturers to:

  • Shorten development cycles.
  • Boost supply chain efficiencies.
  • Improve customer service with quicker response time to customer demands.
  • Comply with legal, regulatory and market requirements.


    • Manufacturing can be scheduled in advance or retrospectively
    • A task is assigned to each resource and time requirement
    • Determine which resource is best for performing a particular operation
    • A task-specific resource group that can be formed based on arbitrary requirements, such as know-how or machine capacity, can optimally schedule work-based resources
    • Graphic screen layout and intuitive software structure
    • Customizable menus, screens and reports
    • The usual Windows commands are available, such as copying through a clipboard
    • Main master data tables can be opened directly from logs
    • Versatile sorting and filtering possibilities
    • Multi-lingual user interface
    • Graphic display of manufacturing orders
    • Rescheduling can be performed graphically or using the mouse
    • The configuration and performance of jobs can be monitored operation by operation
    • Resource utilization report based on job ID
    • Printing job accompanying documents by resources
  • Implementing the cost centers has been another huge benefit of having a new ERP system. This functionality allows better tracking of the expenses of different departments and product lines. In addition, cost analysis has been simplified due to the tailor-made features of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution allows centralized access to business information and a simplified business flow within the company.
    Maria Tancu
    Thimm Packaging - Project Manager
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